Be very woried about RSI (not me luckaly)ΒΆ

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Found a scary story on caveat lector.

Dorothea (caveat lector) is strugling with something looking very much like RSI and found aforementioned post the evening before seeing the doctor again. Not good for morale.

I just read that post and I'm so so so grateful that I don't have RSI. I was worried once about it, but luckaly it wasn't RSI after all. I did go and see a doctor about it, who send me to a "cesar therapy". I learned there how to improve the way I stand and sit. That made a world of difference.

Anybody worrying whether they're approaching RSI: see a doctor. Are you at a university? You've got a doctor there which you can see for free. And that Cesar therapy is covered by your medical insurance. You can ruin your life with it: don't! See that doctor!

(And get a real click-click-click IBM keyboard. And a logitech MouseMan trackball. And lower your typing table.) logo

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