Plone is creeping inΒΆ

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I installed a fresh zope+plone yesterday as I'll need to show some plone-based tools to the outside world pretty soon. My older zope couldn't handle it, so...

Something somewhere down the line went wrong and severed the link between apache (which handles the incoming connections) and the (older) zope backend. Well, that was just the excuse I needed to press plone into early action.

So, from now on I'm running my site on plone. Not everything has been handed over, yet. This weblog is still squishdot-based, but it doesn't complain about anything. I'll probably switch to simpleblog when I'm happy with it. I need both an rss/atom feed (not too much work to write myself), a formatted description field (instead of the plain text one) and a way to export all these squishdot entries to simpleblog. Nothing major, but I don't have the time right now. It 'll be a few weeks. logo

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