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The funsiec project is starting up now. At the recent CEN econstruction final meeting Celson Lima called it a starting point for a European center to gather all available ontology sources.

From their website: The objective of the FUNSIEC project is to study the feasibility to build and maintain an Open Semantic Infrastructure for the European Construction Sector (OSIECS) at a technical, organisational and business level. Such an infrastructure is to be built by gathering linguistic electronic resources (e-resources) devoted to the construction sector in different languages, including public results produced by international initiatives and EC-funded projects. OSIECS is to be made available to content and service providers, as well as to other actors in the construction area, aiming at to help them to fully exploit the advantages of e-contents semantically-based. This infrastructure will be opened to any semantic e-resources, in particular those developed for less widely spoken languages and those of the Candidates countries.

They asked me to become part of what they call their taskforce, basically just looking at their results and commenting a bit on the ontologies. (If you click on the link you get a bare page without the normal navigational stuff: the joys of a website with frames). logo

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