NL-sfb study day at STABUΒΆ

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Friday we had an "elementenmethode" study day at STABU. Elementenmethode is the Dutch national SfB-classification variant. The maintainer of the system, Ton Jongkind, provided the clear introduction to the system. Around 15 people from STABU attended.

STABU is investigating the support of the "elementenmethode" by our specification system (which uses a work-breakdown structure instead of a functional element structure like provided by the "elementenmethode").

One thing I liked about it was that Ton Jongkind was quite flexible about some things. He showed a big STEP backbone for the desired this-should-eventually-be-it system, "but it could just as well be another thing, like XML". And a central system "might just as well be decentralised".

Also: "Multiple small parts connected through the internet". Yes, he scored big points with me with that remark :-) logo

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