Construction IT research weblogs, anyone?ΒΆ

I got some nice feedback on the Cib 2004 write-up, which I replied to by email. I'll include part of the email here, too:

I'm always a bit worried whether some might take a bit of offence at it, either by not being mentioned or because I put something into their mouth which they didn't say. Not too big a risk, but still.

It is a good medium for giving some ideas more distribution. For instance, I put a similar write-up on the EU e-cognos project's final meeting online. Someone who mentioned e-cognos in another article pointed at my write-up as a good summary of e-cognos.

So doing something like this with a personal voice helps a lot in getting information out the door and into people's ears. Weblogs aren't popular for nothing. If you disregard the "I bought a new sweater yesterday with my girlfriends" variety and manage to build up a well-filtered list of weblogs to read, you can get a very good view on technology (example).

Why I wrote that last paragraph: I'm missing something like this in the building industry! I haven't found Dana's or Tamer's or Raimar's weblog on construction IT research. Or Ziga's. Or.... Just having a few collegues who I can monitor for good ideas would be a big bonus for me!

So if any of you feels the urge: be encouraged to do so. Or if you see someone in the same field who's doing it: mail me. Or bug one of your computer-minded PhD's to start one. logo

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