Cib 2004 conference: table of contents :-)ΒΆ

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From 3 may till 8 may I went to the Cib conference. CIB is an international community of building and construction researchers. I'm involved in working commission #78, so w78.

The selection of papers is personal. It are the talks I attended. Some talks were just too fast or (sorry) not interesting, so I didn't write down everything. And of course, consider good things to be directly from the speaker and if you see something really bad, first suspect that it's just my error in writing it down and check it with the original paper or so.

Oh, don't look too tightly at the spelling, as I typed this on a laptop... Mis-hitting the shift key for instance. Darn darn darn. I've got a laptop-sized keyboard at home with normal keys. Next time I will bring that around, just to save me lots of frustration.

This page is just a overview of the available pages.

Conference monday - thursday

Workshop friday/saturday

On saturday we continued with a brainstorming-like session on sustainability and construction and what that's got to do with us. There'll be some more thinkwork on this, so I'll just post the final results when ready.

Saturday afternoon was spend visiting the Niagara falls with the 20-something of us. The falls are nice, the company was better, so I had a good time.

The conference (monday-thursday) was too big to my taste. And the w78-session attendance was quite low. But (re-)meeting a few people and getting into a few good talks helped. The friday w78 workshop was great and saved the conference. logo

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