New Rope (rdflib + zope) release (still alpha)ΒΆ

Tags: rdf, plone

I've finally zipped up the work I did the last weeks on Rope. That's my effort to get rdflib working within zope. The previous release was pure-zope, but for the current one I went with the nice user interface of plone and the ease-of-programming of archetypes. Most zope users will probably have plone and archetypes lying around, so I suspect that won't be a problem.

You can download the latest at sourceforge

Be sure to read the README, as it's not a ready product yet. Installing it should not be a problem, but I didn't yet manage to completely connect the plone's webinterface to the behind-the-scenes rdflib machinery.

You can store rdf files in it and do some simple querying. I'm thinking about using GraphPath as a query language, as that can connect to rdflib and as it seems quite user friendly.

As I said, this isn't a finished product. But I'll release it anyway as the previous one was more than half a year ago. And people are wondering about the current status. :-)

See the permanent status page logo

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