CIB w78 conference next weekΒΆ

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Next week (3-8 may) I'll be in Toronto for the CIB conference. The CIB is split into numerous working groups, I'm in working group 78. Normally we've got a nice and cozy 100-man conference each year, but this time we're joining the Big All-CIB conference. Now we're just one of the 40-something sessions :-)

Too bad I won't have time to visit the town much, let alone visit nearby relatives (with a pregnant wife at home whose birthday is just a few days after the conference...) Well, I'll be back with wife and kids there someday. On friday and saturday we've got a separate w78-session in which we discuss needed future research and how to deal with that. I was asked to facilitate one of the 10 position papers, so I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow :-)

Attached is my paper, should anyone be interested. I'll put the paper into my regular paper-storage place. (Which I really have to update). logo

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