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Kees Woestenenk has finished the first public version of the stabu lexicon. I mention it here because I couldn't find it in google right away. Mentioning something here is a good way of alerting google that there's something new. In a few days, searching for stabu lexicon should work.

Currently I'd describe the lexicon as a

  • classification (by which I mean a hand-made set of labels)
  • with a hierarchical structure (but it isn't a taxonomy in my personal definition)
  • with translations and descriptions (that's the nice part: most items are translated in both English and Dutch).

The lexicon aims at being the ultimate single taxonomic hierarchy for the building industry (though lately I heard "ultimate faceted classification").

Personally I'd like a more web-ontology oriented approach; multiple smaller ontologies instead of the holy grail of the One Single Taxonomy.

Upcoming is the "specification" part. That's the part that connects "real" properties (fire resistance, height) to the objects in the classification hierarchy. I'll post it here when it is finished (ETA 1st version (imho): 1 year).

Btw, I was the one that converted the lexicon content (xml) to html. Some 300MB worth of small html files :-)

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