Palmpilot search working againΒΆ

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I've had a problem with my palmpilot for two or three months. When I did a search, the palmpilot died with a textmgr.c line 751 Null record error. After some research I found out that the problem was to be found in the calendar. I found a little bit of info by searching on google for textmgr.c line 751 Null. Using pilot-database (part of the pilot-link tools on linux, probably there is something similar for windows) I dumped the datebook database to a textfile and browsed through it looking for strange things. In the end I found three strange items:

  • APPOINTMENT <13214287> from <unknown_time> to <unknown_time>
  • APPOINTMENT <13214288> from <unknown_time> to <1 jan 1970 17:25>
  • APPOINTMENT <3985935> from <30 dec 1980 08:00> to <30 dec 1980 09:00>


Yeah, right. Palm didn't exist back in 1980. So I purged all datebook items before 1985, without backing them up so that they would be gone for good. That did the trick! My palm doesn't crash anymore when searching! logo

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