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Found a quote I really liked on joel on software Design is that nebulous area where you can add value faster than you add cost.

When designing (software, models, etc) I'm always aiming at a certain elegance. It has got to be a "nice model". I've got to like it.

I've modelled with people who desperately want their models to be consistent according to some rule. Allowing a single exception from some rule can save you some 40% increase in complexity sometimes. But, no, it had to be consistent. (It worked out OK in the end, though).

Looking at above quote, about adding value faster than costs, could help in the designing process. If what you add (extra consistency for example) costs you more than that consistency buys you...

On the other hand, some people put high value in some modelling things which I value less... So in the end, we'll probably keep up the discussions when modelling. Ah well, that's part of the charm for me :-) logo

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