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I've always found it funny when I was reading somewhere that the software industry should work like the construction industry. I'm working in a combination of both and a common opinion amongst researchers in this field is that both industries are equally bad...

I found a link on Joel on software to a article about a software engineer going to a construction management class in order to learn something. "I can learn something from the construction industry". Reaction of the builders: laughter....

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"Requirements Management within the Construction Industry " by Ed Gardner on 2007-01-29 21:52:24
I come from the software engineering industry and can easily relate examples from that industry and apply the requirements management (and traceability) discipline from that industry to the construction industry. In fact, both industries should track requirements through the evolution of a project, from inception where the customer has an initial requirement(s), through contract review, through design, through development, and finally with operation or completion of a project.

I have not seen instances where the construction and design industry, e.g., building homes, bridges, transportation infrastructure, other that applies requirements management (and requirements traceability) like the software engineering industry and seems not to provide the assurance that all of the relevant requirements (both explicit and derived) are being satisfied during and following the completion of a construction project.

Are there methods or cases of requirements management/traceability deployed within the construction industry comparable to the software engineering area? If so, please provide me with some examples of contact points if possible.

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