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Found another weblog entry on rdf and zope.

I've been busy getting a rudimentary rdflib working in zope. I finally managed it, but had a lot of trouble getting it to work on Debian, as zope uses python 2.1 there and rdflib needs 2.2+. In the end I went for a clean source install of python 2.3 and zope. Those newer zopes (2.7.0b1) really install nicely from scratch!

Next on my to-be-researched list: using zope's object database for storing the rdf. Rdflib has an implementation, but that 's for the standalone database. I'm not versed enough in zope to know directly how to port that to a real zope product. Work to do...

I've asked around for people working on an rdf and zope implementation, but didn't get an answer yet (2003-08-26). logo

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