Lijst van figuren

  1. Value, price and cost
  2. Islands of automation
  3. Firth of Forth rail bridge
  4. Contract types (in Dutch)
  5. Connections to the Specification text.
  6. Simplified UML diagram of the ETIM data model
  7. UML diagram of a STABU Specification
  8. UML diagram of ISO 12006-3
  9. eConstruct Greek content
  10. STABU LexiCon explorer interface
  11. Information specific (or not) to projects and companies
  12. Short HTML code example.
  13. RDF example: two objects linked
  14. eConstruct taxonomyserver
  15. bcXML Taxonomy XML code example.
  16. UML diagram of the bcXML Taxonomy format
  17. Example of bcXML data
  18. bcXML visualisation: text, 2D and 3D
  19. bcXML stylesheet-based visualisation architecture
  20. Lower costs through information sharing
  21. More value, lower costs through knowledge integration
  22. Dynamic interaction through NG Internet
  23. UML diagram showing two cooperating Ontologies
  24. UML diagram showing how to choose between TSs
  25. UML diagram showing that a TS consists of FUs
  26. Demand/supply-oriented meta model
  27. German bcoWeb interface
  28. BcoWeb implementation UML diagram
  29. Extract from a Zope page template
  30. Python script that calculates the FU/TS start
  31. Example of a bcoWeb Ontology file.
  32. Walk-through of specification generation
  33. Process of specification generation
  34. Script for detection of an abstract TS
  35. UML diagram of Rope, an rdflib+Zope combination
  36. Properties added to TS `overpass'.
  37. Screenshot of the catalog application
  38. Screenshot of the shopping cart.
  39. UML diagram for catalog web service example.
  40. RDF example of a catalog item.
  41. UML diagram of the object tree application
  42. Example of the object tree application
  43. Example of an object tree RDF export.
  44. Code example of two cooperating Ontologies
  45. Example of the structure of small Ontologies
  46. Visualisation of a house with an extension
  47. Catalog: extracts from three RDF files
  48. BcoWeb sources integrated in an object tree
  49. Integration with GIS: google maps
  50. MOSS editing session integrated in MicroStation
  51. The `magic roundabout'
  52. Hamburger diagram bridge example
  53. Need for Ontologies on a national scale
  54. Web service that calculates the preliminary costs
  55. Improved inclusion of stakeholders
  56. Construction of an overpass
  57. Beam section choice for an overpass
  58. Brand new overpass over the N99 at Westerland

Reinout van Rees 2006-12-13