From an ICT viewpoint, BC is lagging behind. A European officer of the Esprit R&D programme, whose name for obvious reasons will not be disclosed, once joked that there are high-tech industries, medium-tech industries and low-tech industries, and there is Building-Construction.

Though BC can be proud of most of its water works, bridges (see figure 2.1) and buildings, from an ICT point of view, the European officer's remark is not wholly untrue. ICT could do wonders in process innovation [15] and improving value adding: BC can become a medium- or even high-tech industry, also from an ICT point of view.

Figuur 2.1: A bridge Building-Construction can be proud of: Firth of Forth rail bridge, Scotland. Photo: Michael Laing
Image forthbridge

Reinout van Rees 2006-12-13