Chapter 1. eConstruct project


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What will eConstruct do
Relevance to this graduation project

Started in January 2000, the eConstruct (Electronic business in the building and CONSTRUCTion industry: preparing for the new internet) project aims to make electronic communication a reality in the - still mainly paper based - building and construction industry. Wide-spread electronic communication will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of both the industry as a whole and individual companies.

What will eConstruct do

eConstruct will design and build a vocabulary for electronic communication. For this, eConstruct will use the Internet and especially the new XML[1] (eXtensible Markup Language) technology. Just like a vocabulary for the language of a human being, this one defines what can be communicated about buildings, bridges, construction contracts, progress reports, etcetera, but now by computers. Software will be made and adapted to show the feasibility of the concept. This will not be "just a good concept", it will be supported by applications and integrated in a number of existing platforms. eConstruct will actively push adoption of the technology.



XML is explained in the section called General working of XML in Chapter 4.