Relevance to this graduation project

For my graduation, I have been enlisted into the eConstruct project. After graduation, I will continue working on eConstruct as a PhD student. For eConstruct I have mainly investigated XML and related technologies, many of which findings have been used in eConstruct's first report. This report contains basic information about XML and the surrounding standards, including how best to apply them. Related initiatives are also highlighted.

ceXML serves as a prototype for eConstruct's own XML vocabulary, bcXML (building and construction XML). The intended purpose of my graduation project was to have me investigate a lot of possible technologies, to make me grab a few useful ones and to let me build a prototype with it. This should produce a good insight in the usability of the chosen technologies and provide useful input for the eConstruct project.

This document contains most of the text I produced for eConstruct. The graduation project itself basically is a stripped-down and somewhat premature version of eConstruct: to investigate XML, to make a simple vocabulary and to make an prototype implementation, showing the feasibility and usability of the vocabulary.