This manuscript was typeset by the author with the LATEX2e Documentation System on a PC running Debian GNU/Linux (`woody') and another PC running Mandrake Linux (10.0). The last months, all editing was done on an apple powerbook running OS X. The server that hosted the version control system (subversion) was running on Debian GNU/Linux (`sarge').

Text editing was done partly in GNU Emacs using the AUCTEX package and partly in BackTalkBook under Zope, running on aforementioned server. A lot of tasks were automated with Python and the Makefile-like A.A.P.. The illustrations and graphs were created with Dia for diagrams and Gimp for screenshots and other images. The UML tools used were Object Domain and Poseidon. The cover layout was produced with Apple's Pages.

The body type is 12 point Computer Modern Roman. Chapter and section titles are in various sizes of, also, Computer Modern Roman. The monospace typeface used for program code is Computer Modern Typewriter.

The final output was converted to a PDF file, which was then printed by Sieca Repro, Delft.

The dissertation is also available on-line at

Reinout van Rees 2006-12-13