Note on typography and reading aids

Words written with a Capital Letter or all in CAPS are explained in the list of acronyms and definitions on page [*]. Acronyms are normally written in full the first time they occur in a chapter, like for instance bcoWeb.

Words in italics are in a non-English language, like SfB. Italics is also used to provide emphasis on certain words.

Words in `quotes' are terms from an Ontology, like `overpass' or `traffic class'. This is used when it is necessary to distinguish between, for instance, an overpass in general and the object `overpass' from an Ontology.

There are two additional reading aids. The index on page [*] allows you to look up items of interest in a more search-oriented way. Likewise, the author index on page [*] allows you to look up references per author.

The references for a chapter are grouped together at the end of each chapter. This way, it is easier to look up references than in one single long list at the end of the document. Also, readers of individual chapters derive more utility of a by-chapter list. Aforementioned author index still allows a thesis-wide search.

Every chapter starts with two short paragraphs, the first stating the aim of the chapter, the second summing up the chapter's content. The first introductory section always places the chapter in the context of the rest of the thesis.

Reinout van Rees 2006-12-13