Description of the goal

Discussion of the actual need

As said before, the building and construction industry needs to increase it's capacity to use communication and to provide information. This will lead to lower costs and better constructions. It has to be very affordable and easy to use, or the majority of small companies will not even bother to consider using new communication technology. So the Internet (with it's cheap and easy access) seems to be the best candidate for the position of communication medium. But the medium alone is not enough, a means to communicate the message is also needed, which in turn also has to be affordable and easy. Simple HTML and webpages are not enough, HTML is only markup (how it looks like) and there is not a drop of meaning ("this is a door"). We can argue that XML will fulfil the need for meaningful communication.

Short goal description

The subject of this research is whether XML can be used to provide a common set of notions (a vocabulary) for the building and construction industry so that meaningful exchange of information by means of the Internet can become possible.

The objectives of this research

To restrict the scope of research, I compiled the following three objectives. They are guided partly by my role in the eConstruct project, (investigating XML and related technologies) and by the need to provide a prototype as a proof-of-concept.